As part of the design course 1 (second term), we had to plan a single-family house. The guidelines included that the building lot is set at the hillside and the four sides of the house are encircled by tenements. My intention was to make the building invisible. Therefore, I made the decision to see the building as a cut in the landscape and to use a kind of cave theme. Furthermore, we were invited to include emotions in our draft. So I asked myself how I would like to feel in this building and what it should exude. My answer was comfort. 



This workpiece combines graphic design/ photography and architecture. I wanted to put sculptural shapes in the context of nature. These abstract shapes connected with their surroundings offer inspiration to the viewer (and in this case to myself). 


We were given the task to design a Bathisland for the old Danube. During the day the island would be a swimming pool. In the evening, however, it would function as an event center and bar.


This is one of my early drafts which I produced in my second term. The task was to create a sculpture out of a steel framework. It is surrounded by a fabric membrane and stationed directly above the street.


Aim of the course it was to design a Skyscraper with zero-energy standard. We designed a building that mainly works with natural ventilation. A 1,000 square meters large green atrium serves as a buffer and provides a constant temperature with fresh oxygen. The air in the building is naturally distributed by rising heat and pressure compensation.


The goal was to design a small airplane hangar wich can be extended easily by modular construction,


The aim was to cultivate an old abandoned miltary area in Maribor  with a residence.